Coupled with a good business decision to relocate, comes the necessity of finding a good 'home', and transfer of residence is not always synonymous with merely finding another apartment or house. Relocation of a home, especially for families moving overseas, can at times prove to be stressful and demanding. Adjustment to cultural differences, local customs and professional environment often require months of tolerance, patience, and understanding. It is essential to be able to rely on people who can empathize with the personal need and yet professionally guide the client in terms of cost, location and quality of accommodation.

The Residential Agency team is committed to providing the highest level of service to clients, both individual and corporate, by assisting and advising them through the complexity of real estate transactions and issues unique to Pakistan. Commencing from the initial step of introducing executives to the city of Karachi and it's culture, the Residential Agency team smoothes the process of settling into a new environment.

Scope of Services:

City and Cultural Orientation *
Negotiation & Documentation
Acquisition & Disposition
Landlord Representation*
Residential Leasing
Comparative Financial Analysis

* Service limited to Karachi

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Naveed Merchant
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